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RUSG/Custom Tee's

About Rolling Up Society

Roll Up Society's founder Demetrius “Dee/Stoner Meech” Harris, enjoyed the medicinal uses of marijuana to treat a terminal illness until his untimely passing in September 2018. Dee had a vision to create a clothing brand that would be dedicated to his and others lifestyle with marijuana. Dee’s creativity paired with his Pop’s, Corry Morgan Sr., passion for business grew into Roll Up Society. Prior to his passing, Demetrius "StonerMeech" created 3 designs that he wore proudly,and was excited to create more for his supporters. Since the loss of Dee, Corry has picked up the torch to see his brand become bigger than ever.

Since growing the company Corry has developed a new profound understanding and appreciation for the medicinal uses Cannabis and has continued to share Dee’s vision. It is Corry’s pleasure to bring a sense of Fashion to the cannabis culture with a stylish brand for those who are apart of the cannabis culture. In Loving Memory of our son, Demetrius A. Harris. #RUSG